A Tiny Leaf Mantis Grips This Guy’s Finger With the Power and Strength of Hercules

Mantises sure pack a lot of strength. Even this giant human being has to struggle to hang onto that tiny little leaf mantis. You can see what good fighters they are, and how much strength they have in those tiny little limbs.

The leaf mantis is only one species of over 2,400 kinds of mantises. There’s also the dead leaf mantis, and even the flower mantis. Mantises come in varieties that display all sorts of camouflage, since most mantises have to wait to ambush their prey. The spot on the back of this leaf mantis realistically resembles a bit of rotting leaf.

Mantises are awesome creatures that have inspired amazing forms of martial arts with highly effective combat movements. It’s because the mantis’s reflexes are so quick, you almost can’t see them strike out at their prey.

The mantis is commonly called the praying mantis due to the shape and position of its front legs, which look like a position of prayer, unless they are hungry, in which case it becomes a position to capture and hold prey while feeding.

Mantises also have some bizarre rituals. A female mantis will eat a male either during or just after mating. Despite the danger, male mantises are not deterred, and continue to seek out female mantises for reproduction. I guess they like that sort of thing.

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