A Holistic View on Health

Man whole body beach

In Chinese traditional medicine it is believed that the human body is a complete system, and a miniature universe, so a Chinese doctor  looks at the entire system before making a diagnosis.

For example, if you have a headache, the Chinese doctor will look for the root cause of the headache, and treat it holistically. The headache could mean there is something wrong with your stomach, or your mental state. So, while a painkiller takes away the symptoms, it doesn’t really cure the on-going problem.

A Chinese doctor thinks that health has a lot to do with your mentality and emotional state. Bad emotions like sadness or anger can interfere with your organs. Even being too happy can tip the balance of a healthy system- so don’t get too carried away!

A Chinese doctor works on prevention and believes it’s more effective than a cure. You can visit a Chinese Doctor even when you feel well, they can give you some hints on how to stay healthy and keep your system in balance.

How to Prepare For a Chinese Doctor Check-Up
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