Dead Cobra Gets Revenge on Cook in Guangdong Restaurant [Warning: Don’t Read This if You’re Snake-Phobic!]

An Indian Spectacled Cobra. (Kamalnv/Wikimedia Commons)
An Indian Spectacled Cobra. (Kamalnv/Wikimedia Commons)

A 6.6-foot-long cobra being prepared for diners at a restaurant in Shunde got the last bite when its dismembered head killed the kitchen staffer who had decapitated it 10 minutes earlier.

Surnamed Chan, the man had already skinned the snake, and was using pliers to dispose of the head when it suddenly bit down on his finger.

Chan screamed for help, but was dead within five minutes, according to The report includes very disturbing footage from a snake farm showing that these venomous animals can still bite for around 20 minutes after their heads have been cut off.

Research by Iris.

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