5 Most Frustrating Things for a Foreigner Living in China

These guys are living in China, and have first hand experience to dish out for anyone considering moving to China for work, or traveling in the country.

Tim Nybo and Nick Ramil have a YouTube channel, “The Elevator Life.” Apparently they’re over there selling wine! Cha-ching$$$, that’s a huge market in China these days.

The top 5 inconveniences you will run into daily in China are:

1. Locals don’t understand your Chinese
2. No personal space
3. Receipts
4. Hierarchy system
5. Time zones

“Obviously there are many more than just five inconveniences you will encounter in China (or any new city you call home outside your home country), but it is a small price to pay for the tradeoff of endless opportunities you can find in a new market!” explain the guys.

FYI, the first 2:25 mins they spend explaining how awesome and cheap it is getting custom tailored clothing in China, Shanghai for them. Skip to 2:25 to hear the Top 5 frustrations…inconveniences they so politely call it, of daily life in China.

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