Are You Kidding? Drink Coffee and Go to Sleep?

Napping in the sun. (Image:
Napping in the sun. (Image:

You’ve heard of “power naps,” no doubt? What about “coffee naps?” This notion makes no sense! Coffee and sleep are opposites, right?

As crazy as it sounds, scientists have discovered that drinking coffee before a nap is even more effective than taking a nap or drinking coffee alone.

Here is the science behind the claim: When you feel sleepy, adenosine is blocking the receptors in your brain. During sleep, adenosine diminishes, leaving spaces in your brain’s receptors for caffeine to fill.

Caffeine from the coffee enters your blood stream 20 minutes after it is consumed; then once in the bloodstream, it begins to fill the brain’s receptors.

Once the brain’s receptors are replaced primarily with caffeine, your brain will feel very alert indeed!

How to take a coffee nap

  • Quickly drink a cup of coffee.
  • Lie down straight away, and take a 20-minute nap before the caffeine begins to take effect. If you can’t fall asleep, don’t stress. Just close your eyes, get comfortable, and relax.
  • Wake up refreshed and ready to face another busy afternoon!

It is recommended that a healthy adult should consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine a day.




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