Biker Danny MacAskill is Beyond Real, His Precision is Brain Bending

Danny MacAskill bikes through Epecuén, a place that has obviously seen better days. But Danny finds renewed purpose for a town that has quickly come to look like ancient ruins.

Epecuén is, or was, a resort town in Argentina. It thrived as a tourist spot before being submerged underwater for 25 years. Everybody deserted the town, except one man, who came back after the water receded. He is the elderly gentleman you see at the beginning of the video. His name is Pablo Novak.

Danny has been thriving on the fame of his internet biking videos. He rides a style called trials. Trials biking is somewhat of an extreme obstacle course in which your bike can’t hit the ground. Here he adapts it for the torn and twisted buildings of Epecuén.

Having seen a few of Danny’s videos online, I have to say that he is definitely among the most skilled and creative bikers out there.

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