This Ram Needs Anger Management, Those People Didn’t Stand a Chance

Angry ram needs a punching bag, or a girlfriend. (Wikipedia)
Angry ram needs a punching bag, or a girlfriend. (Wikipedia)

You may not know, but sheep, and especially rams, can be incredibly aggressive. Case in point.

My little brother and I were chased across a paddock by an angry sheep when I was five, we only just juped over the fence before if would have rammed us right into it. It was really scary (it was bigger and faster than us).

What happens to cute little lambies that turns them into a nut job like this one though?

This link will help explain it, maybe. Basically, a ram is super hormonal, and horny, and aggro. Very sciency.

After some keen detective work, this looks like a South American Dorper, right?

Please click on the video below to view it.

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