Tiny Budget? Try a Tiny House

tiny house, geny
(Image:Infomastern via Compfight cc )

More and more young home buyers are turning to alternative ways to live and afford homes. Whether it’s because of budget or environmental concerns, building a tiny house is appealing for a wide variety of reasons.

Tiny house, Portland

Tiny house, Portland, by Tammy Dee. (Wikipedia)

1. They are inexpensive.

Not only do they use less materials, but many people use reclaimed materials which are cheaper. You can likely build a tiny house for under $10,000.

2. They don’t take long to build.

That is, if you know what you’re doing (or maybe have friends who do). Building a tiny house doesn’t need to take long. Actually in one case the house was built and ready to be moved into in under 120 hours!

3. Can last in all types of weather.

If building from scratch isn’t your thing, you can get a variety of pre-made weatherproof type of houses. Tiny houses can be easily designed to exist in the coldest of climates as well.

4. Legal in most states.

Figuring out zoning laws can be a headache, and you should check your local state for their rules on tiny houses. Most states however allow tiny houses making it an appealing option no matter where you live!


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