What This Policeman Did for a Mother Caught Stealing Is Very Touching

This woman in Kaohsiung was caught stealing on Dec.14 (Screenshot/YouTube)
This woman in Kaohsiung was caught stealing on Dec.14 (Screenshot/YouTube)

Instead of being prosecuted, this poor woman in Taiwan was given charity… Perhaps love is a better way of preventing people from doing wrong.

As it’s getting colder, the woman went to a shopping mall in Kaohsiung on Dec.14 wanting to buy winter clothes for her children, but found she didn’t have enough cash to pay for them. So she took two heat-tech shirts costing NT$998 ($33), and hid them in her coat.

However, she was caught by staff and taken to the police station. After an investigation, the police found out her family was poor and living on her husband’s small salary.

Out of sympathy, an officer called Wang Qizhang paid for the clothes and gave them to the woman, according to Yahoo News.

The woman took the warm clothes with tears in her eyes and promised she’d never do anything like that again.

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