Incredible Bookmaking Art: Watch 20 Books Emerge Out of 1

All of Randi Parkhurst’s art is made with paper. If it’s not some prominent paper construction, it’s a lavish book design. She can create a noteworthy notebook and a highly personalized personal journal. She can also teach you how to do it yourself, if you’re willing to meet her in the great Pacific Northwest at her home studio. Or catch her at one of her workshops.


But you’ll most likely find her in the state of Washington. She hovers around western Washington State working and teaching her brand of art. In fact, western Washington is where she’s always lived.

The perfect art for book-obsessed nerds like me, and probably you.


Perhaps stationing oneself in the same place gives one the opportunity to focus on craft. While some people feel the itch and urge to travel, others do it mentally, using their art to chart a course.


The exquisite natural papers used in Randi’s work are all handpainted. They look as if directly peeled from a tree before being pressed, glued and tied together.


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