Vote One: Monsanto For the 2016 Presidential Elections (NOT)

Next year is election time in the U.S., and if another Bush and Clinton end up being America’s only options—then hey, why not get Monsanto to run as well? Can’t get any weirder, right!?

You may just get a chuckle from the satirical advert above which pokes fun at one of the world’s most despised corporations.

In a different kind of poll, Monsanto in 2011 were voted the most evil corporation in the world by the good readers of Natural News. In that same vote, the murky Federal Reserve came in second place.

So why is Monsanto so unpopular?

The effect of their dioxin-laced Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people and thousands of U.S. military veterans is one reason I can come up with. They’re screwing up our food chain is another.

See the video below for more on what Monsanto has done and is doing to its earn its evil reputation.

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