10 Hilarious Translation Fails—These Are Guaranteed to Make You Giggle

. (Image: wenxuecity.com)
. (Image: wenxuecity.com)

If you’ve ever read Chinglish, you’ll know that what seem like everyday things often get lost in translation, and can turn out really bizarre to a western reader, or even another Chinese one!

But these so-called translation fails are so much better now than if they’d been interpreted correctly.

Some of them you just wonder what on earth they were thinking, whereas with others it’s not too hard to see where they went wrong.

I think I like the communist noodles one best…



Feeling hungry or maybe just lost

. (Image: wenxuecity.com)

Should say: Please wait behind yellow line. (Image: wenxuecity.com)


Fancy some spicy propaganda with your noodles?

. (Image: fengniao.com)

Should say: Authentic hot & spicy food. (Image: fengniao.com)


Hmmm, so inviting…

. (Image: fengniao.com)

Should say: The way of food. (Image: fengniao.com)


Well, if you insist!

. (Image: fengniao.com)

Should say: No drunk driving. (Image: fengniao.com)


A bar for cars perhaps


Should say: Car pooling. (Image: wenxuecity.com)


Renovating the bathroom?

. (Image: fengniao.com)

Should say: Under construction, sorry for the inconvenience. (Image: fengniao.com)


Fatal building site!

. (Image: wenxuecity.com)
Should say: Construction in progress. (Image: fengniao.com)

Yes, do be careful…

. (Image: fengniao.com)

Should say: Mind your step. (Image: fengniao.com)


Mind the safe, no striding!

Should say: . (Image: fengniao.com)

Should say: Beware of safety; do not go beyond the railing. (Image: fengniao.com)


And no chanting either!

Should say: You can sing, but do so quietly. (Image: fengniao.com)

Should say: You can sing, but do so quietly. (Image: fengniao.com)

Research by Ming Yue and Lulu

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