What Do You Get When You Take Off a Bratz Doll’s Makeup?

Who would have believed that under all the heavy looking makeup paint on the Bratz dolls there was a sweet looking doll that every girl would love?

You do remember those dolls, right?  The “Bratz” that were everywhere almost a decade ago? You know humanoid looking dolls with heavy makeup, super plumped lips, and outfits that were cosplay-like… all a little girl is not.

The Bratz dolls popular for a period of time during what I want o believe was a global hysteria that cut reason out  for most of humanity.

Well, this is Sonia Singh, and she has done something marvelous with these dolls.

Sonia Singh_2

Sonia Singh. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh was able to see the potential beauty of these dolls and gave them a refreshing makeover. Her process is like this:

She goes around second hand stores in search of neglected dolls, mostly Bratz dolls.

searching for old dolls

Finding a Bratz doll at a second hand store. (Screenshot YouTube)

She molds them new shoes and sometimes hands, to create a more realistic look.

replace the feet for real proportion shoes

Molding new shoes. (Screenshot/YouTube)

She cleans the heavy-looking makeup off their faces, and re-conditions their hair, all with love and care.

she cleans the overload make up

Cleaning off the old face. (Screenshot/YouTube)

She then paints a new face, not sparing any details.

Under all the heavy-looking makeup paint of the Bratz dolls, there is a sweet looking doll.

Freakles as well

Creating a new face. (Screenshot/YouTube)

I mean look, the end result is just lovely:

Back to innocence  Image: screen shoot/YouTube

Back to innocence. (Screenshot/YouTube)

As Sonia Singh commented on her Tumbler account: “These lil fashion dolls have opted for a “tree change,” swapping high-maintenance glitz ‘n’ glamour for down-to-earth style.”

new clothes

Swapping glitz ‘n’ glamour for down-to-earth style. (Screenshot/YouTube)

After she decided to share her creations online, the dolls went viral. The reaction was overwhelming, as tons of people wanted to buy one of her dolls.

More dolls

Some of the new creations. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Want to see more of these beauties? Watch the video for the whole experience!

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