This Is How Alaskan Eskimos Lived 75 Years Ago, Quaint Documentary From 1940

This is how life of Inuit children and their parents 75 years ago looked on a barren Alaskan island.

Life there seemed to involve snuggling to sleep, stuffing their handmade animal skin boots with straw, dressing each other, catching fish, cooking, and dancing—generally being cold but happy.

One question you might be wondering is:

Are they called Eskimos or Inuits? And is Eskimo derogatory?

Well, apparently they prefer Inuit because Eskimo is not what they call themselves. Inuit means people, so Inuits of a certain place is best, but don’t worry, Eskimo is not considered offensive by most.

Sleeping together to keep warm in their hut. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Sleeping together to keep warm in their hut. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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