Canine Avengers: These Dogs Went Into Battle for Friendship (Photos)

Each dog took on a part of the car. (Image:
Each dog took on a part of the car. (Image:

A blogger shared these photos online of three dogs biting a car in South West China.

At first, people thought the story was a funny one, and that a stray dog had been kicked by the owner of the red Volkswagen for sleeping in his parking lot in Chongqing. The rumor was that the dog returned with his buddies to get revenge for the mistreatment.

Dogs cooperated like a group. The left one seemed to watch the surroundings for the team as a sentinel does. (Image:

The dogs worked as a group with one keeping guard. (Image:

But a Weibo blogger in Hunan Province said she saw what actually happened. There was another dog that usually played with the three in the photos.

Unfortunately, the other dog was hit by the red car a few days ago, when the four of them were chasing each other on the road. The driver took off after the accident, and the dog died. So his three friends found the man’s car and attacked it.

The dog bit hard on the wheel rim. (Image:

This dog bit hard on the wheel rim. (Image:

Most bloggers felt that the driver deserved it and that the dogs had done a good job. One of them said:

“Go, Avengers the dog!”

Feel my anger, human! (Image:

Feel my anger, human! (Image:

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