New Drone Footage of World’s Largest Cave Is Mind Blowing

Vietnam is home to Hang Son Doong, the world largest cave, which is so gigantic that the empire state building can fit inside it.

New drone footage from photographer Ryan Deboodt shows this cave from a totally new angle. Explore this massive cavern complete with an underground river, rock formations, and an unbelievable view of the stars.

Can you see the light? Screenshot/Vimeo

Can you see the light? (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Caves used to bore me until I flew around this one!

“It’s incredibly difficult to put into words how amazing Hang Son Doong really is,”  blogs Deboodt. “It is truly otherworldly and something that probably can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world.”

Can you spot the cave's entrance? Screenshot/Vimeo

Can you spot the cave’s entrance? (Screenshot/Vimeo)

The cave was only discovered in 2009, so there is still so much scope for adventures and scientists to learn about this geological wonder.

This cave can fit the entire Empire State building inside of it! Screenshot/Vimeo

This cave can fit the entire Empire State building inside of it! (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Caves aren't boring! Screenshot/Vimeo.

Caves aren’t boring! (Screenshot/Vimeo)

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