‘Pokémon: the Movie’ Revealed. English Version Coming This Year

The full name for the film will be Pokémon the Movie XY: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. The trailer was revealed on the first day of the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The Pokémon movie with a mystical air.

The trailer has made its way online, and the art is looking great. Besides Ash and Pikachu, the film stars a mythical pokémon by the name of Hoopa. Hoopa can summon pokémon and people, and things, through its rings.

The movie was revealed in Japan in March, and will open there in July. Besides Hoopa, there will be a host of primeval and ancient pokémon and pokémon trainers.

Pikachu and Ash

Pikachu and Ash, the star pokémon and trainer. (The Official Pokémon Channel/YouTube)

The question remains: will this film get an English-dubbed version opening in theaters across the United States? Looks like it will only be airing on TV via the Cartoon Network. Hopefully it can pave the way for Pokémon in theaters worldwide. A major question would be if it could go up against the other animated films by Pixar and Disney.

Even if this movie never graces theaters outside Asia, a broadcast or a Netflix release is still a win for Pokémon fanatics everywhere.

Meet Hoopa

Who is this strange new pokémon? (The Official Pokémon Channel/YouTube)

For those needing to catch up on Pokémon lore, pokémon are animal-like creatures who are trained to fight each other by trainers. Pokémon started as a video game, before expanding into cartoons, comic books, manga, and just about everything else.

Hopefully the movies can reach the same heights in the US as they have in Japan.

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