Don’t Fall in Love, They’re Not Around Any More…

Some time ago, right here at Vision Times, we ran a story about the 4 most beautiful Chinese women of antiquity.

I waited and waited for an article about the most handsome Chinese men of all time, but nothing appeared. So I had no choice but to go search for the information myself. Thanks to Off the Great Wall this was fairly easy to find out.

Let’s take a look at the four hottest guys in Chinese history…



Oh, they all look very nice! Let’s see what YouTubers think about them:

  • That moment when you’re suddenly attracted to a drawing of a man that lived millions of years ago – Amber Bostwick
  • I wish I lived in ancient China and in one of the times one of the guys lived in – Michelle Zheng
  • Sooo hot! Why do they have to die young? – Noir Neko
  • I really want to be able to just throw fruit at hot guys I see on the street – geniusgurl777
  • I wonder if they would’ve been remembered for their beauty if they hadn’t died young, and instead lived to become old and wrinkly – Aki Hideyoshi

So what can we learn from this?

  • Admiration can kill…


  • If we see a handsome guy we can throw fruit at him (or maybe not!)


  • How to say a guy is attractive in Chinese


Now I can finally relax, justice has been done!

Tip: If you want to find out more about Lanling King, here’s a historical drama about him.

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