Best Shift Ever! Big Service Tips That’ll Warm Your Heart

The service industry is tough. Pay is low and workers are heavily reliant on tips. So it’s always great to hear stories of big tippers, especially during times when the economy is down.

Recently, a Dominos driver was pleasantly surprised when a church congregation in Ohio state gave her a tip of a little over $1,000 for a $5.99 pizza delivery, reported USA Today.

Natasha, the driver, had never received more than a $10 tip prior to the delivery. She was asked by the reverend what her biggest tip was, and he then gave her $15 plus a bit more.

In fact, a total of $1046 more that was contributed by the congregation. Check out the heartwarming video of Natasha being given the tip above.

Here are a few more stories of generous tips.

$15,000 tip for three

A lady left a $15,000 tip for three young waitresses at a restaurant located in Illinois, reported USA Today. The woman overheard three waitresses talking about student loans, bills, and dreams of finishing school, and then proceeded to ask for their names before writing the check.

She wanted to help the young ladies, all in their 20s, “with [their] school and everything else in life.”

See video of it below:

$8,000 tip for waiters and customers

In South Carolina, a man, ordering food-to-go, left an unexpected tip not only for the waitresses, but also for the customers dining at the time, reported ABC News back in May.

He left instructions for $4,200 to be divided between three waitresses and $800 each for five customers.

The reason for this generosity? He was in the “mood for giving.”

$10,000 tip

A Pizza Hut waitress received a $10,000 tip from a regular customer, reported ABC News. Jessica Osborne, 20 years old, had fallen on hard times. She had to drop out of college due to unavailability of financial aid.

Despite the setback, she always remained optimistic at work and shared her life stories with Becky, a frequent patron at Pizza Hut.

Becky suffered traumatic loss herself. Her husband and daughter died in a car accident, leaving her with a large settlement. Becky decided to give Jessica $10,000 from her settlement money to help Jessica fulfill her dreams.

See video of it below:

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