The Monkey King Featured in the Lantern Festival in Hong Kong

    Story of “The Monkey King and Journey to the West”. (Image: Jenny Wu)Monkey King with longevity peach. (Image: Jenny Wu)Magical and power skills of Monkey King to get peach from the heavenly palace. (Image: Jenny Wu)Enjoying the delicious peaches from the heavenly palace. (Image: Jenny Wu)Though monkey looks small in size, he has magic power to turn into all kind of animals. check the links on Monkey king . Don’t look down upon him. See he shows his strength by this. (Image: Jenny Wu)(Image: Jenny Wu)(Image: Jenny Wu)(Image: Jenny Wu)

    According to the Chinese Lunar calendar this year is the year of the monkey. During the lantern festival in the Chinese New Year celebrations there was mainly a monkey theme, usually starring the Monkey King, who is the most popular star in the classic novel, Journey to the West.

    Born from a rock and infused with the mystical essence of heaven and earth, the Monkey King became the ruler of all monkeys. He is smart, intelligent, and with his golden eyes can see through all tricks of monsters. He is a hero as he accompanied Monk Tang to India for the Buddhist scripture.

    There are so many interesting stories about the Monkey King and how he fights monsters with his wit and courage. One of the best shows that has a performance about the Monkey King is the Shen Yun show, which has an interesting story about how the Monkey King got his weapon from the Dragon palace.

    In Hong Kong during the Lantern festival there are some lanterns featuring the Monkey King. Please enjoy looking the photos below. If you are in Hong Kong please go to the Kowloon site Harbor to see these lanterns.

    (Image: Jenny Wu)

    Palace lantern with its elegance. They are mostly used in the royal palace. (Image: Jenny Wu)

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