The Most Viral and Controversial Story to Come Out of China This Month Was a Hoax

The story was fabricated by a woman, identified as Xu. (Image: rick via Compfight cc)
The story was fabricated by a woman, identified as Xu. (Image: rick via Compfight cc)

One of the most viral and controversial stories to come out of China this month stars a woman from a well-off Shanghai family who dumped her boyfriend from rural Jiangxi. This was after seeing the humble dishes offered by his family for a Chinese New Year’s celebration dinner, which turns out to be completely fake.

As it happens, the woman who had posted the story wasn’t even from Shanghai, and has never even been to Jiangxi. The story was fabricated by a woman, identified as Xu, who had decided to post the story online because she was home alone during the Spring Festival.

The story

A wealthy Shanghai girl abruptly dumped her boyfriend from the rural countryside of Jiangxi after she saw what they would be eating for New Year’s dinner. The couple had been dating for a year despite her parents concerns that he wasn’t a good match for her.

The 27-year-old girl caught the first train back to Shanghai, saying the food was too “humble” for her. The boy told her that this would mean their relationship would be over, and the girl agreed without much hesitation.

She took to the Chinese social media site Weibo to justify her actions, writing: “When I saw their food, I wanted to throw up. It was 100 times worse than what I had imagined. I can’t accept it.”

Seeing dishes like this was intolerable. (Image: Kanzhongguo)

The “alleged” New Year’s feast at the boy’s home. (Image: Kanzhongguo)

The story sparked a huge stir on the Internet and generated many comments.

Comments from readers who didn’t know it was a hoax

This is a typical dinner in the rural region — all dishes look dark and oily. But please don’t say that the bowls and chopsticks are filthy. They are not! The girl is definitely not well educated enough to respect the boy’s family for preparing so many dishes for them. Shanghai girls are notorious for their snobbishness. Breaking up is only
natural. Picking that girl is such a bad choice. I wouldn’t choose her to begin with! That is a good lesson for both of
them. He can find good match for himself, she can find her own type.

It is hard to find a well-matched couple. The differences between cities and villages are just enormous. But once chosen, you should stick to your choice. I can only say that the girl is rude and ignorant than boy in terms of manners, family education, and character. I don’t like her attitude towards others and I wonder how her parents have brought her up! No manners at all!

I am married to a Jiangxi man. I don’t think it’s as backward and dirty place as she described. Some mountainous areas may be poor, but every family will make the best dishes for the New Year, especially with guests. Since you have come as city slicker, why don’t you stay a bit longer, be a graceful lady, and spend a bit more time with your loved one?

Birth is not by choice. Neither the boy nor his parents have done anything wrong. If you cannot take it, you can leave. But why post it on the Internet? Your judgement to break up with boyfriend is based on a dinner dish. Do you know how snobbish you are?!

My husband is a rural guy. I visited his home 18 years ago and I slept on straw in the attic for the first time. I went mushroom-picking. I experienced the dim light in the house for the first time. I get warm-water for him for the first time. I saw meat and fish chopped in such big pieces for the first time. I felt the warm feelings of the locals for the first time. I love him and all that he brings with him. I gladly accepted what he brought me, and tried to understand his source of happiness.

Comments from readers who now know it’s a hoax

“This faker needs to be punished severely, ripping apart village and country, wasting everyone’s time!” one user fumed.

“Your world is too boring, relying on the internet to while the time away,” wrote another.

But another user was quick to point out the significance of such a story causing such heated discussion:

“Actually, whether the story is true or not is no longer important. This story could turn into an unending hot topic, poking fun at society’s problems, the disparity between rich and poor, regional disparity, the social hierarchy, there are too many points, it’s sufficient to say that our society has a lot of problems, running into some points will lead to uproar, even if this point is fake.”

As with many stories from China, and even the Internet, if it’s too good to be true it probably is. Putting aside that it is a hoax, there is something we could all learn from this.

Translated by Alan C

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