7 Ways to Fill Your Life With Good Fortune

(Image: Sorbyphoto via Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

To make others happy takes benevolence; to make yourself happy requires wisdom. If you want to lead a positive life and have good karma, make sure you are doing these 7 things:

1. Good health

(Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain)

(Image: Pixabay/CC0 1.0)

Health is wealth because only the healthy have the chance to succeed. Good eating habits and exercise are the basics. Maintaining a good lifestyle is also essential. When compared to physical health, mental wellbeing takes priority. Only a healthy mind can foster a healthy body.

2. A kind heart

A kind heart allows us to step into others’ shoes. We can feel the pain and needs of others. Care more and give more and you will come to understand the meaning of your own existence.

3. Good thoughts

Your notions affect your decisions, and decisions result in actions, but only good thoughts enable good things to happen. As Buddha says: “Everything comes from the heart. What you plant is what you reap.” Holding good thoughts is your guideline, and you should try your best to keep them.

4. A good temper

Temper contaminates lives. It destroys not only health, but also relationships. On the other hand, to staying at ease maintains health and prolongs your life.

5. Good expressions

Your face is a mirror of how you feel. A happy or smiling face is always a welcome sight, while no-one likes angry, annoyed or painful faces. It takes a kind heart to exhibit good facial expressions, because the goodness in our mind chases negative thoughts away.

6. Good words

Say only good things; don’t nag, complain, or verbally attack people. Bad words damage relationships. On the other hand, good words build them, and smooth things over.

7. Good acts

To continue doing good acts and constantly review them lays the foundation of an environment of acceptance and love. In order to receive, one must give. Only those who are willing to put others before themselves will know the joy and gratefulness they get in return.

We all go through the process of birth, age, illness and death. A good life can be interpreted as to live smoothly, grow old slowly, get sick lightly, and die peacefully. How can this be achieved? It’s determined by health. How well can we live it? It takes practice, and enlightening.

Edited by Guy Harvey.

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