Doctor Flees to Germany After Exposing China’s Doping of Athletes

Dr. Xue Yinxian exposing doping scandal. (Image:  Screenshot  /  ARD Mediathek)
Dr. Xue Yinxian exposing doping scandal. (Image: Screenshot / ARD Mediathek)

Xue Yinxian, former chief doctor for the Chinese Olympic team, has been under pressure from the Chinese government for disclosing its state-sponsored doping program for athletes. Recently, Xue, along with her son and daughter-in-law, managed to escape to Germany seeking political asylum. Xue will be submitting evidence of the doping case to the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Xue worked with the China National Sports Commission for more than 30 years. During this period, she witnessed the massive use of steroids, human growth hormone, and performance-enhancing drugs by Chinese athletes across the country ordered by the government.

During her career, Xue refused to force national team athletes to use stimulants and exposed the doping scandal in the 1980s. Since then, her family has suffered retaliation, causing her son to be detained and hospitals to refuse to treat her. In June, with the help of the German embassy, she escaped to Germany and applied for political asylum.

According to reports by Radio Free Asia, state security guards and police repeatedly searched Xue’s house trying to seize 68 diaries and work logs from Xue’s time as the team doctor. Fortunately, several months before Xue left China, she sent out all her records through special channels to Germany and other countries.

Xue revealed that the doping program has been in place since 1978. The Chinese government issued directives on the use of stimulants while dispatching the national medical team to foreign countries to learn how to administer the drugs to athletes. The performance-enhancing drugs were referred to as “special nutritional medicine.”

Xue’s son, Yang Weidong, left his career as a successful designer to become a reporter for The Epoch Times. He interviewed 400 well-known Chinese scholars, lawyers, and others. He said that his mother, as a witness to the doping scandal in China sports, has suffered the wrath of the authorities, who are trying to pressure her into keeping silent.

Yang Weidong said that he and his mother wanted to expose the facts in a free country, and to seek justice for those victimized athletes and also for themselves. They will personally hand over the evidence to Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee.

At present, even though they are in Germany, the Chinese government is still using various methods to contact and threaten them.

Translated by: Chua BC, edited by Mikel Davis

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