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NY: Established in 2009, Assurance Abstract & Title Services Ready to Serve Middletown and Beyond

Published: December 26, 2022
Robin Keeler, owner and operator of Assurance Abstract & Title Services, poses for a photo on Dec. 21, 2022 in Middletown, New York. (Image: Vision Times Staff)

On Dec. 21, Vision Times sat down with Robin Keeler, owner and operator of Assurance Abstract & Title Services, located in Middletown, New York to discuss her business and how traditional marketing strategies drive results.

Keeler, who has been in the abstract and title industry since 1985, established her business in 2009. Over the years she has grown the business from a sole proprietorship to include two full-time and two part-time employees.

“Advertising definitely helps and I think more than say a website or anything like that,” she told Vision Times, adding that, “Because we did have a website when we first started, and I wasn’t getting anything from the website. I was getting it because I was placing ads in the dinner, you know, on the place-mats and things like that. I always advertise through the school and their sports calendars … so advertising is still a really good way to get your name out there.”

Keeler said that her office is primarily contacted by a real estate purchaser’s attorney when they are seeking to close a deal. “Most of my business would come from buyer’s attorneys,” she explained. “Most individuals are not just calling up a title company,” she added. 

She said in other states things work differently but in New York State her business is primarily “attorney driven.”

Keeler, who has been in the title business since the 80s, described the trends she has seen over the years and specifically during the pandemic. She explained that when the pandemic began interest rates “were really good” and these favorable rates drove many to refinance their homes.  “People weren’t necessarily buying but they were refinancing for a better interest rate,” she said. 


Assurance Abstract & Title Services is somewhat of a family company as well. “My two daughters both work for me so they are my other full-time employees,” she said, adding that she has a total of four children of her own and is a proud grandmother for 14 grandchildren.

“Even when everyone was closed we were considered essential,” she said, adding that during the pandemic, “I was here by myself, because my daughters worked from home, and it was lonely…but I was very busy.”

Keeler believes that in 2020 half to three quarters of her business was due to people refinancing their homes when interest rates were 2.0 to 2.75 percent; however by the final quarter of 2020, going into 2021, people began to flock to the region. “We were really busy, because then it was more of a panic mode,” she said, a trend that continued throughout 2021. “It was a lot of hours … people would order and we have to close.” 

She said that in 2022 things have been running about the same. 

“Hopefully, knock on wood, it does continue in 2023,” She told Vision Times adding that, “Even the interest rates haven’t stopped people from buying. The market has leveled off a little bit with prices but the interest rate is high.” 

Her company is open regular business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday however Keeler regularly works outside of these hours and her team stays late when deals need to be closed. “If we have late closings we are working later but, as far as when we are open to the public, it’s Monday through Friday 9 to 5,” she said. 

Keeler’s office is located at 265 Route 211 E #106B in Middletown and interested parties can contact her directly at 845-342-1414.

When asked if she had a message for Vision Times readers Keeler said,” I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays … and a happy, healthy New Year to everybody and hopefully we are going to see nicer things in 2023.”

This article was written on behalf of Assurance Abstracted & Title Services.