7 Benefits of Purple Yams

Yams are, after all, yummy and you can cook them in so many ways to make delicious dishes. However, purple yams, also known as water yams, are said to be a more beneficial type of yams. The origin of this tuberous root vegetable lies in Southeast Asia. People often confuse the vegetable with taro root. […]

5 Warning Signs of High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) often leads to diabetes, a chronic disease that affects how the body turns food into energy.  Because diabetes can lead to a variety of serious complications and often life-altering circumstances, it is important to recognize the early warning signs.  Early warning signs of high blood sugar 1. The 3 P’s  While technically […]

What Are the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Seeing a loved one permanently retreat into a world of their own, where they may suddenly or gradually no longer recognize you, or anyone else, ramble off on their own, be found wandering about the street, and talk incoherently is a frightening and sad reality. Alzheimer’s disease is non-discriminatory; it attacks every social class and […]

A Common Sleeping Habit Causing Major Harm to the Entire Body

People should be aware of a very common and potentially very detrimental sleeping habit that leads to harmful side effects on the entire body — from head to toe. This common habit with major adverse consequences refers to sleeping on your stomach. For young children who sleep on their stomachs, this may lead to various bodily disorders and deformities, […]

VAERS Data Shows Dozens of Miscarriages, Stillbirths After COVID-19 Vaccination, Link Unconfirmed

Forty-three possible COVID-19 vaccine miscarriages and stillbirths have been reported following as of Feb. 26, 2021, according to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a national vaccine safety monitoring program co-sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Given that events are often underreported, with […]

Turbocharging the Killing Power of Immune Cells Against Cancer

Creating “super soldiers” of specific white blood cells to boost an anti-tumor response against cancer has been shown in a series of elegant experiments by researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Research led by Ph.D. candidate Helen Loo Yau, Post-doctoral Fellow Dr. Emma Bell, and Senior Scientist Dr. Daniel D. De Carvalho describes a DNA […]

The Best Essential Oils for Your Hair

Experts say that natural plant oils are the ideal choice to nourish your hair and scalp. It is even better if you incorporate essential oils into your hair care routine as they have properties to not only keep hair looking and smelling great, but are also ideal for resolving many hair problems including dry scalp, […]

5 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss 

Research has found that people of the same age group who lose hair tend to look 10 years older than those who do not. Noticeable hair loss can be a worry, especially if it continues. We feature five foods that will help you prevent hair loss. Especially when people reach middle age, their work and […]

Pandemic Screen Time: Will Blue Light Glasses Help?

The blue light glasses industry has witnessed a boom during the pandemic time. As we all took our office work home and Netflix and other over-the-top (OTT) platforms were the only means of entertainment indoors, the demand for these glasses was on the rise. Reduced eyestrain and protection from the adverse effects of the blue […]

10 Tips for Healthy Kidneys

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the most important health care advice concerns our kidneys. Your kidneys aren’t very big — each is about the size of your fist — but they do important work. They keep you healthy by maintaining just the right balance of water and other substances inside your body. Unfortunately, if your […]

Breastfeeding Mothers Produce COVID‑19 Antibodies

Breastfeeding mothers who have COVID-19 transfer milk-borne COVID-19 antibodies to their babies without passing along the SARS-CoV-2 virus, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed 37 milk samples submitted by 18 women diagnosed with COVID-19. None of the milk samples were found to contain the virus, but nearly two-thirds of the samples did contain two […]

12 Signs of a Heart Attack, Unexpected but Lethal

A heart attack, or myocardial infarction, has a very fast onset and can be fatal. Some signs are not easily recognizable, so we have compiled the following list. Who knows, it may help you to save your life or someone else’s one day! 1. Dizziness Dizziness is a symptom of many diseases and can also […]

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