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Americans and Britons Sign Petitions to End Communist Rule in China, Bringing ‘Light to the Darkness’

Published: August 10, 2021
Canadian writer Sheng Xue speaks about communist rule in China
Award-winning Canadian writer Sheng Xue. (Image:

According to surveys conducted over the past year, many of the world’s people view Beijing with an increasingly darkening attitude.  More than 1.2 million have signed a petition called ‘End the CCP’ in reference to ending the Chinese Communist Party. One million signatures have been received in the US and 200,000 in the UK to date.

The petition was launched in June 2020 and was initiated by the Global Service Centre for ‘Quitting the CCP.’ The organisation is headquartered and registered in New York and is also known as the Tuidang Centre.  The Tuidang Centre coordinates a global movement to help Chinese people quit the Chinese Communist Party and affiliated Party groups and organisations. The Centre also raises awareness of the evil nature of communism and the Chinese Communist Party’s horrific abuses and systematic murder through forced live organ harvesting of those who follow the peaceful spiritual practice of Falun Gong, an ancient Qigong practice.

NTD News went to interview people and learn of their thoughts towards the Chinese Communist Party.  It seems that most people have a similar mindset towards the regime. One resident said “I know about the CCP, I know they’re tyrannical, they’re anti God, they’re anti freedom and they need to be stopped.”  

Another resident said he believes that the communist party won’t last that much longer, stating “It’s coming to an end at some point in time because communism throughout the world has failed and socialism has failed.”  

Another interviewee illustrated the difference between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party citing “they (the CCP) infiltrated our country, our school systems, every part of our society in America.  We love the Chinese people, we hate the CCP.”

The news station reached out to the Chairman of the Service Centre who explained that the Chinese Communist Party is a negative and bad force for the Chinese people and also the entire rest of the world.  In a statement, the Chair said: “The evil Chinese Communist Party not only harms the Chinese people, it wants to control everyone in the world, it’s harmful to the world.  People of conscience and righteous people all over the world need to actively reject the CCP.”

Chinese People Actively Demonstrate Support

In addition to the 1.2 million people who have signed the petition, the Service Centre reports that nearly 400 million people have denounced their ties and affiliations to the Chinese Communist Party by formally renouncing all party links.  Furthermore, many Chinese people are stepping forward to support events held by Falun Gong practitioners to advocate the values of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance and call for an end to the inhumane persecution and the CCP’s systematic killing of practitioners. 

At a rally held in front of the Chinese Consulate in Nagoya, Japan by local Falun Gong practitioners, a Chinese man stopped to talk, saying “many Chinese people know what’s happening, but they are just afraid of the CCP and dare not speak up.”  He felt grateful to the practitioners and their presence at the consulate, he instantly agreed to quit the CCP, thanking the practitioners and wishing them well.

At a recent parade and march in New York held on 18 July, 417 Chinese people signed relevant papers renouncing all ties to the CCP and its affiliated groups, one signee had just come from the mainland and felt pleased to have come across the opportunity to quit the CCP, stating “the party has done all kinds of bad things.”

Bai Jiemin, President of the Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Alliance Eastern US branch, joined the event to voice his organisation’s support.  He said that the values of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance cherished by the Falun Gong practitioners are very positive and good for society, “that is why we absolutely support Falun Gong,” he said. “As people who suffered from the CCP back in China, we want to tell everyone that the CCP does not represent China and it is not qualified to do so either.  We need to sweep the regime into its tomb so that Chinese people can once again enjoy freedom and happiness.”

At a similar event in Toronto Sheng Xue, Vice President of the Federation for a Democratic China attended the event wishing to make a public statement and pledge her support.  Sheng is also a respected writer, having been awarded the ‘Award for Journalism and Media’ from the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada for her “outstanding achievements, contributions and community service.”  

In a public address, Sheng said “In today’s world, the CCP is the biggest dark force, while Falun Gong practitioners represent the light and hope that opposes the regime.”  She remarked on practitioners’ consistent efforts throughout the years to expose the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party and highlight the despicable persecution it engages in.  “In the future when we look back, people will see you and remember that you are the light in the darkness,” Sheng said.