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Chinese Authorities Reportedly Concealing Possible Deaths From China’s COVID-19 Vaccines

Published: September 21, 2021
PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA - SEPTEMBER 18: A healthcare worker holds a box of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines at a health center on September 18, 2021 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that Cambodia would begin inoculating 1.8 million children aged 6 to 12 with Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines in order to reopen primary schools across the country. (Image: Cindy Liu/Getty Images)

Local authorities are reportedly silencing several families in China’s southwestern city of Chongqing after they spoke out about the recent deaths of loved ones with family members claiming the deaths are linked to adverse reactions caused by China’s domestically produced COVID-19 vaccines, The Epoch Times reported. 

The Chinese regime has widely praised the efficacy and safety of its Chinese-made vaccines however official data on these two data points are heavily censored. 

China’s state-run media, Global Times, reported on May 28 that “China’s first published report on COVID-19 vaccines shows ‘extremely rare’ adverse reactions; experts hail ‘remarkable’ safety.’”

Despite this glowing review, The Epoch Times obtained local government documents that disclosed the numerous harmful effects the Chinese-made vaccines illicit in patients. 

First hand account

On July 13, a 65-year-old woman named Cai Hua, a resident of Shapingba in Chongqing district, was inoculated with a Chinese produced vaccine and within 10-minutes of receiving the dose was rendered unconscious. She later died on Aug. 6 after being treated in hospital for three weeks, The Epoch Times reported.

On Sept. 2, the woman’s sister, Cai Bangying, sought answers to her loved ones death and shared her story with the Chinese language edition of The Epoch Times.

She also reported the incident to the municipal health commotion and the mayor’s office on Aug. 12.

She managed to obtain a copy of video footage showing her sister being inoculated. The video shows her sister receiving the vaccine and then minutes later falling out of her chair unconscious. 

Hua was transported to a local emergency room where she received treatment. Her sister, ever persistent, obtained her sister’s medical records from the hospital. Her sister had a history of hypertension, coronary heart disease as well as diabetes, however the records indicated that they were under control.  

Bangying is convinced her sister lost her life due to adverse reactions caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“It is a matter of life and death. The death was caused by the vaccination. The government should be held accountable,” she said.

Police intimidation

It was not until Aug. 14 that Bangying received a call from the local district police telling her not to post anything about her sister’s death on the internet. 

On Aug. 16, police and a crowd of people surrounded her home; however, Bangying declined to answer the door. 

She did file a report with her local government office, asserting that her sister’s death may be due to the vaccine however, to date, she has not received a response. 

An insider of Chongqing told The Epoch Times that, “What I know is that there are at least four or five people in Chongqing who may have died from vaccinations. The mobile phones of their family members are monitored and tracked by state security police. They can’t talk about it, and are worried that their relatives and friends will be implicated.”

The insider said that a citizen of Yuzhong district, a man named Xiao Shou, who was vaccinated on July 14 was sent to hospital after experiencing adverse reactions to the vaccine and later died on July 16.

The man’s son, Xiao Fubin, posted on social media that his “father died 32 hours after being vaccinated, and [he] hopes that the relevant state departments will be held accountable.”
The insider said, “After the news broke out that the death of Xiao’s father was linked to the vaccine, Xiao was summoned by the state security police. He was told that he’d been suspected of leaking state secrets.”, The Epoch Times reported.