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Lotus flowers are spiritually meaningful, ancient, remarkably beautiful, and it’s surprisingly easy to grow your own.
Love Lotus Flowers? You Can Grow Them at Home
Editor's note: A special thanks to Jen Stark of Happy DIY Home for her tutorial on growing lotus flowers found here, which we learned from when writing this article. Who doesn’t love the lotus? Exquisitely...
Shallots in a self-tie bundle. This is exactly how the shallots were sold. No plastic wrap, no plastic container - no nothing - just the shallots self-tied. Exactly as it should be! Defend your garden to obtain these hard earned results
This Spring, Make Plans Early to Defend Your Garden: Shallots
If you don’t defend your garden, it’s easy to grow an abundance of food in your own backyard — for wildlife… As spring approaches, many thoughts turn to the garden. Whether it is to secure...