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Whistleblower: Chinese Students in Scotland Universities Doing the CCP’s ‘Dirty Work’

A former diplomat from communist China who defected to Australia and exposed the dangers posed by Beijing has warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls Chinese students studying in Scottish universities. The whistleblower, Chen Yonglin, said in an interview with The Ferret that the CCP uses the Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (CSSA). With […]

Hackers Access Thousands of Security Camera Data Collected by American Startup

An international hacker collective broke into the network of cloud-based surveillance firm Verkada and accessed live footage of 150,000 surveillance cameras of several clients. The hackers also gained access to entire archive videos of the American startup’s customers that include companies, jails, schools, hospitals, prisons, women’s health clinics, police departments, psychiatric care centers, and so […]

Why Alibaba’s Jack Ma Disappeared, Then Reappeared

Three months ago, China’s wealthiest man suffered a setback so massive that it could only have been caused by China’s most powerful man. Chinese financial services company Ant Group owns the country’s biggest online payment system, Alipay. Its founder is Jack Ma, who also founded China’s biggest online retail company, Alibaba. Ma is the richest […]

Shanghai Announces Lockdown as Coronavirus Infections Rise

Shanghai announces lockdown as it becomes the latest Chinese city to be afflicted by a new wave of CCP virus infections. Officials have claimed at least six cases from the Zhaotong residential community in the Huangpu District. Authorities have since imposed a lockdown in the residential community.  According to state-backed Global Times, more than 15,000 […]

Black Ghosts of Shanghai (Shanghai Friendship Store: Chapter 6)

This novel chronicles the experiences of a small foreign community living in Shanghai in the 1980s, when memories of the Cultural Revolution were still...

Friends All Over the World (Shanghai Friendship Store- Chapter 5)

Friends All Over the World, from Susan Ruel’s novel Shanghai Friendship Store, portrays the claustrophobic social lives of a small, insular “foreign expert“ community...

Deep Impressions (Shanghai Friendship Store — Chapter 4)

Deep Impressions, from the novel The Shanghai Friendship Store (Chapter 4), introduces some Chinese college students (circa 1982) who exemplify their nation’s next generation...

Here Are the 6 Best Things Shanghai Offers Travelers

Shanghai is one of China’s largest and most prosperous cities. As such, anyone who travels the world or plans on visiting China should have...

A Chinese Eleanor Rigby, from ‘The Shanghai Friendship Store’ (Chapter 1)

The following is an excerpt from the novel The Shanghai Friendship Store* by Susan Ruel. It chronicles the experiences of a small foreign community...

Shanghai 5G Network Might Be Bigger Than Initially Thought

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station has teamed up with Huawei Technologies to launch a 5G network, bringing ultrafast Internet speed to the city. Passengers will...

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