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Pro-Abortion Rioters in Portland Smash Up Democrat-run Pregnancy Center

Neil Campbell
Neil lives in Canada and writes about society and politics.
Published: June 27, 2022
Portland's domestic terrorists smashed up a pregnancy center run by a self-described liberal Democrat pro-choice advocate.
Far left protestors run amok in Portland, Oregon, on June 24, 2022 after Roe v Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court. Rioting the same night saw the premises of a pro-choice pregnancy center run by a liberal Democrat vandalized. Pro-abortion zealots do not regard pregnancy centers in a positive light. (Image: JOHN RUDOFF/AFP via Getty Images)

A domestic terrorism strike connected to ongoing protests against the recent Supreme Court overturning of Roe v Wade has struck a Portland pregnancy center run by self-identified pro-choice, liberal-leaning Democrat voters.

However, pregnancy centers are not viewed in a positive light by pro-abortion extremists, regardless of a proclaimed political affiliation that should, in theory, have them seeing eye to eye.

Mother and Child Education Center was smashed up on the night of June 25 as Portland Antifa and other black-clad far left militants went on a predictable vandalism rampage.

The news made headlines when the Center’s Executive, Maura White, spoke to Fox & Friends First on June 27 about the damages.

Fox interviewer Carly Shimkus characterized the attack as if the roving vandals were “mistaken” that the center “counselled people against abortion.”

According to Shimkus, White describes herself as a “pro-choice liberal, Catholic, Democrat.”


Photographs shown during the segment showed the sign to the business spray painted with a black anarchism logo and the statement “F*** SCOTUS” in red, along with several photographs of broken windows.

White told the hosts the terrorists smashed all of the windows and caused at least $10,000 worth of damage to the facility.

She described the violence as “horrible,” and added that her center’s stated aim is to help “moms, families, kids in need, [and] babies from zero to 5 years old.” 

Notably, White stated that she was contacted by both the FBI and Portland Police in advance “that something could occur.”

Nonetheless, she said she felt the “defund the police” movement affected the ability of the police department to respond to rioting.

When asked by Shimkus how vandalism could possibly help the pro-choice cause, White replied, “I don’t understand at all. I believe that people have the right to their free speech. But free speech is not smashing in the very businesses that are helping people, that are helping children.”

White added she feels that rioters “don’t understand” what they are even upset about, noting her organization has also suffered a litany of assaults on social media, like “Antifa and other people sending out information about us.”

Further comments revealed that although White may identify as a pro-choice liberal and vote Democrat, nonetheless, her business operations are at odds with the extremist party line currently toed in vogue among the radical left.

“They don’t understand what we’re doing. We’re here helping people. We help anyone who walks in our doors. And the people who are coming to us have already made a choice to have children,” she said.

And added, “We are here to support women, support babies, support families, we believe in their rights, but we’re just here to support them. That’s all we’re doing.”

White told the outlet that because the business’s insurance has such a high deductible, they’ll have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

A likely cause

One June 26 tweet supporting the vandalism posted by a pseudonymous account flashing pronouns and lauding revolution revealed the likely reason that White’s business was vandalized despite her proclamations that she’s a liberal, Democrat-voting pro-choicer.

“The slightest amount of research would have yielded up the fact that this place is a scam prc where they lie to women about medical facts,” they stated.

The account linked to a Wikipedia page defining a “PRC” as a Pregnancy Resource Center that is “a type of nonprofit organization established to persuade pregnant women against having an abortion.”

The page claims that PRCs, however, “Are typically run by Christians who adhere to a strictly socially conservative viewpoint,” and, “Have frequently been found to disseminate false medical information about the supposed physical and mental health risks of abortion.”

Another tweet posted by an account with a white male profile picture lauding anarchy and boasting a black flag emoji posted the address for White’s business on May 2, stating, “Reminder that there’s a lot of pro-life ‘pregnancy crisis centers’ in Portland city limits.”

In a reply to itself, the account added, “27% of CPCs in Oregon promote ‘abortion pill reversal’ the unscientific and unethical practice of injecting high-dose progesterone. They also overwhelmingly lack medical professionals or real resources, offering little more than a pregnancy test and psychological pressure.”

Antifa specialist Andy Ngo identified the account as an “Antifa account.” 

Looming national threats

On June 14, pro-abortion domestic terrorism group Jane’s Revenge declared war on U.S. pro-life entities following a self-issued 30-day ultimatum they shutdown operations after the draft of the Roe v Wade decision was leaked from the Supreme Court.

The ultimatum was accompanied by a stream of arson and vandalism attacks on various Christian and pro-choice pregnancy centers across the country.

However, the group’s apparent hallmark, “If abortions aren’t safe, you aren’t safe either,” appears to not have been present in the attack on White’s business.